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Bear Fight!

Savannah, GA
Bear Fight! - 14 Pounds Of Doom 

Bear Fight! was originally formed as a studio project by Matt Collett (guitar/vocals) and Colin Motlagh (bass).  After recording a few songs Matt and Lee (drummer) met at their job at a factory in Ridgeland, South Carolina and realized they had similar interests and wanted to get together and play since both were drummers. Lee was an incredible drummer and the decision was made to re-record the songs as a full band instead of a studio project.  Adding long time friends from older Savannah bands Jeff Hinely and Christian Mosely to the group cemented the three guitar line up.  Since then they have had the opportunity to open for many great bands including Torche, The Sword, and Kylesa.  The line-up has changed in the last few months with Christian deciding to pursue his career, adding Dave Andregg in his place. They are recording a new album and looking forward to many shows in the upcoming year.