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this mountain

Johnson City, TN
this mountain
54) this mountain - Slow Down 

Johnson City, TN sits amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains of the majestic Appalachians. Among those peaks and valleys is this mountain, a folk-rock sextet who calls the southern city home. They’re exactly what you may expect of a band that hails from a city famous for its bootlegging past and born in the shadow of snow-capped summits; and they’re equally as refreshing and sobering as that cold mountain air.this mountain brings a palpable charisma and passionate sincerity to their work, not un-like other kindred spirits of the folk-rock genre. They are “a collaborative band of friends and musicians making music for themselves and others with great care and enjoyment.”

What sets this mountain apart from their rootsy-folk and bluegrass contemporaries is their ability to seamlessly weave rustic string band charm and surprising rock-n-roll riffs from bellowing electric guitars, with the twang of “southern flare,” as the band calls it.