Athens, GA


Cicada Rhythm has been buzzing around Georgia for the past couple years and the duo’s understated and elegant music resulted in Creative Loafing Atlanta awarding them “Best Local Folk Act” in 2013. The pair have charmed the Southern press with Flagpole writing, “The thing that most impresses about Cicada Rhythm's sound is how big it is, even though it's not. Cloaked in sleepy sweetness—all ringing acoustic guitar and sliding upright bass, cooed vocals with snug, Welch/Rawlings-style harmonies—the Atlanta-based duo's music lands with an impact you didn't quite see coming."

Creative Loafing Charlotte exclaimed, “Regardless of how the influences of folk, jazz and blues intermingled, Cicada Rhythm craft an open-hearted, inventive blend of American musics in deceptively simple songs that are both haunting and playfully jaunty... Rarely has a band’s name fit their music so well. Cicada Rhythm conjure up the Southern twilight when the buzz of insects washes in waves through the trees, and that eerie but comforting moment of stasis before the world transforms."