Brooklyn, NY


Country Mice formed in 2008 in Brooklyn, NY. The band melded poetic lyrics built on heart swelling guitar jams and booming drums. While playing often in and around New York, they released a couple of 7"s and a cassette before their first full-length album, Twister, via Wao Wao Records, a Kanine imprint, in 2011. Twister garnered critical steam as Country Mice hit the road and toured extensively across the U.S. They entered the studio again to record their second album, Hour of the Wolf, which they released in early 2013. Following more whirlwind touring, Country Mice took a break for members to work on side projects in 2014, and have since reunited for a 2017 tour.  The band finds themselves fully re-engaged and expanding on their hard hitting sound, sure to be full of the rawness and spontaneity they are best known for. 

Country Mice have a history with Stopover as being the first band to be booked for the inaugural year back in 2011. They're a must-see Alum!