Newan, GA


The relationship between music and technology is always evolving. New technologies offer incredible tools for facilitating musical feats impossible to play by hand. A spectacular array of rhythm machines provide constant access to perfect time. But true music can not exist without a soul. Some extraordinary humans choose to augment their natural talents with technology, adopting its benefits to fuel their own singular vision. Deantoni Parks would like to introduce you to his Technoself.

Parks is one of the finest drummers working today, displaying a sleek and intuitive balance between raw rhythmic physicality and machine-like precision. Deantoni can play on one hand what many great drummers could not achieve with two (which he does frequently.) His skills have seen him perform with artists such as John Cale, Sade, The Mars Volta, Flying Lotus and his own boundary-pushing group KUDU, among many others. Notable collaborations aside, Parks is not a drummer content to always sit back and keep the beat for others-- he is an artist, constantly in motion and expanding towards something new.

On Technoself, you hear Parks totally in control. In his own words, "The sound result of Technoself is a digestion of beloved sounds being refined, filtered, and re-arranged in the time period of the average thought." Each track here, whether performed in front of an audience or in the studio, is played 100 percent live. There are no overdubs or loops on this record. The sound is that of "segmented, split-second curated soundscapes atop a highway of refined, war-drum rhythms." The album plays out like a percussive crash course winding through Parks' diverse influences and moods, where the only constant is Deantoni's unmistakeable sense of movement. In this case, the most important piece of technology turns out to be the human body.