Nashville, TN


Escondido is Nashville, TN based artists Jessica Maros and Tyler James. Recorded live in a single day, their debut album, The Ghost of Escondido, was self-released in 2013 to critical acclaim. Their David Lynch approved sound became the soundtrack to multiple films and TV shows including HBO's Girls and Sex Tape and led to appearances on CONAN and ABC's Nashville.  Following tours with the likes of Lord HuronThe Lone Bellow, and Wild Cub, the duo released their follow-up album, Walking With A Stranger, on Feb 5, 2016.

The making of their new record plus extensive touring did eventually take a toll on the band’s relationship. The two agreed that they needed some time apart so Maros moved to LA while James stayed in Nashville. “There was a time where writing music was the only way we communicated.” says James. That distance is reflected in the songs on Walking With A Stranger. “This record’s lyrics describe the loneliness you feel when with you’re with someone everyday,” says Maros. “The natural tug-of-war between a man and a woman.” The band eventually worked through their differences months later on a camping trip to Death Valley. They drove to the middle of nowhere to find what inspired them in the first place. “It took us being apart to appreciate our differences,” reflected James. “Music helps us forget the very conflict it grows out of. My favorite songs embrace that dissonance." The result is their follow album, Walking With A Stranger, out now via their own label, Kill Canyon.