Baltimore’s premier indie-pop trio Expert Alterations have one eyebrow arched as they survey the surrounding pop landscape -- they know they can do better. Strip it down, keep it lean, sweat off the fat. Despite their propensity for reducing the elements of pop to its essential core, Expert Alterations are minimal, but not skeletal -- their bones are strong and their songs linger long after the music is over. Deadpan vocals mingle with sparkling, chiming guitars (that’s Patrick) and an insistent rhythm borne out of the tenacious, nervous energy of The Fall (that’s Paul and Allen, drums n’ bass respectively). Expert Alterations’ influences range from the well-trod (TVPs, Wedding Present) to roads less traveled (Yeah Yeah Noh, Close Lobsters) and they process them into songs that can stand side-by-side with such standard-bearers. Please do not confuse these gentlemen with dilettantes -- Paul curates the Baltimore Popfest and hosts Pay Your Rates, a monthly party devoted to UK DIY and post-punk. In addition, the band has toured with a reformed Flatmates and has shared the stage with the likes of The Clean, Crystal Stilts and The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.

While their influences may be anglocentric, Expert Alterations are partnering with some of the finest labels on this side of the pond. Possessing one of the most vital catalogs in the history of the form, archetypal indie-pop label Slumberland will be releasing Expert Alterations’ 2014 self-released cassette as a one-sided 12” this summer. With five songs of such high quality, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be on the preferred format, and there is no label more suited than Slumberland to bring this fantastic EP to their dedicated fans worldwide.