Faux Ferocious is a Nashville based rock and roll quartet that combines blistering punk-rock simplicity, Spector-worthy hooks, and a whatever-it-takes production approach to create songs that are short, infectious, and razor sharp. With vocal and guitar duties split between dueling frontmen Jonathan Phillips and Terry Kane, and a rhythm section held down by bassist Dylan Palmer and drummer Reid Cummings, Faux Ferocious creates a infectious brand of mock-punk both on stage and in the studio. The disheveled anarchy of their live shows leaves an immediate impression as a blink-and-it's-over run of songs form perfectly mismatched waves of precision and drunken confusion. Faux Ferocious is an inspiring fuzz-driven alt-pop group that shows kinship with bands like Wavves, Ty Segall, and Best Coast while expertly walking the tightrope between noise and beauty.