From the Brooklyn area, Howard is a folktronic trio that explores song-crafting through airy vocals, ethereal space, and hypnotic rhythm. Citing Other lives, Philip Glass, Aphex Twin, and Fleet Foxes as influences, this band creates intricate and textured folk songs with a mood that provokes introspection.

After making waves as Orange Television in the Boston scene, a move to New York allowed the band to form a new identity. Teaming up with teamed up with Chris Holdridge (drums), Howard Feibusch (producer, guitar, vocals) and Myles Heff (bass) continue their DIY aesthetic, keeping everything in house. Their first single, ‘Song About Something’, was released by Consequence of Sound in October 2014 and introduced an expansive, dark sound with a Bon Iver meets Thom Yorke approach to vocals and instrumentation.

The band released their debut album, Religion, in January 2015.