Brooklyn, NY


It’s hard to find another active singer today that has the background Lee Fields does: a first release in 1969, records on thirteen different labels, and close to 47 years of music making, touring, and recording. With such a seasoned past, it’s amazing that the musician and artist, Lee Fields, a North Carolina native, is as busy and focused as ever. Backed by The Expressions and their incomparable soul-sound musicianship, as well as Brooklyn’s own Big Crown record label, Lee Fields’ last three albums–My World, Faithful Man, and Emma Jean — have landed them all over the world. From sold-out shows in music meccas like New York City, L.A., Chicago, Berlin, London, and Amsterdam to TV performances in France, the UK, and Germany–there is a perfection and evolution of the soul sound from Lee Fields & The Expressions that everyone needs to hear.

The formula seems to be two-fold: sticking to the raucous-yet-tender voiced soul music Lee Fields has always made, yet updating it–pushing the boundaries of what it can be. The result is an unmistakable sound, something that, as Pitchfork put it in it’s review of Faithful Man, “isn’t indebted specifically to Atlantic or Stax or Philadelphia International or Chess or Fame or Motown so much as it’s indebted to all of them at once.” This is why no one can call a Lee Fields record on Big Crown a “throwback.” It has hints, sounds, and feelings that may be familiar but then there are textures, themes, and approaches that challenge the genre and stretch the sound into something else, something decidedly Lee Fields.

His latest album, Special Night, was released November 4, 2016 on Big Crown Records.

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