Local Band Submission Form

Alongside the touring bands, every year we set aside slots for our awesome local bands to play the fest. We've always strived to give our local bands an opportunity to showcase what they've got in a cool festival environment. 

This year we have a total of 10 slots dedicated to local Savannah bands. If you're not chosen this year we apologize but we can only accommodate so many. Hopefully we can get you on next year or even as an opener to one of our stand-alone concerts!

We ultimately select local bands on the following culminating criteria:

  • You must be from Savannah, GA! Locals only.
  • Up-and-Comers (if you've never played Stopover then you've got a better chance)
  • Genre/Type of Music (we don't judge what kind of music you play but it needs to be a right fit for the available slot. For example, we're not going to put a punk band to open for an acoustic folk band)
  • Well-organized (This just means you've got it together. Some sort of EPK. You have recorded material to share, some online presence, a link/stream to music, have a few gigs under your belt,  etc.)
  • New Material (either working on tracks, recently released new stuff or upcoming releases)

Deadline: January 4, 2017

About the Band
Where do you fit along the musical spectrum?
Link to where we can listen to some of your tracks
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