Savannah, GA



Lulu the Giant is a Savannah-based band created by front woman and Savannah-native Rachael Shaner. Rachael Shaner lends her voice, lyrics and compositions as well as bringing the upright bass front and center in a rarely seen spotlight. The band's debut album "Kingdoms Fall" is set to be released this spring. The band consists of Rachael Shaner on lead vocals and upright bass, Daniel Malone on drums and vocals, and Alex Bazemore on guitar and vocals.

 As a classically trained upright bassist growing up in Savannah, Rachael was exposed to a variety of genres and techniques at an early age. From hundred-men orchestras to dive bars on the river she has developed a taste for almost every style of music in nearly every spot on stage. "Kingdoms Fall" is her first offering of all original music which was written and composed, first on bass, then on paper, then came to life in the space station studio in Bishop, GA under the guidance of Suny Lyons. The diverse compilation of songs on "Kingdoms Fall', ranging from blues to rock, not only alludes to themes of the south but also incorporates Savannah's diverse and ever-changing culture. This is evident as songs like "Hopscotch & Bourbon", a bassic twist on southern folk,  holds hands with "Drown", a sultry blues piece with a Zeppelin-esque free-for-all wound around a poignant bass line.  

Daniel Malone hails from Michigan and has been playing drums for more than two decades. He lends not only his Berklee honed skills on drums, but also his warm vocals and brilliant harmonies. In both areas he expands dynamics beyond average expectations and his ear for arrangement brings the live performances to a new level. After touring for five years with his band Les Racquet, Daniel laid down roots in Savannah and continues to develop not only his own technique but also has set up a music studio to teach and produce the technique of those who have an appreciation for jazz, or will soon.

Alex Bazemore is a neighboring Tybee-native thriving on an early buffet of festivals and concerts he has crafted his style on the six-string around improvisational jazz and a love for rock. His vibrant personality is evident in his dream-like riffs and is more fun in a van than a can of spam. By offering their time and talent, they have brought Lulu the Giant beyond the beanstalk. The trio will be heading out this summer for a mini-tour and recording their next album in the spring of 2018.”