Mainland was formed underneath the Manhattan bridge, in a dark grotto of a once utilized recording studio. The four New York transplants came together by happenstance through rooftop parties in and around NYC. Singer Jordan Topf and Guitarist Corey Mullee began writing songs that complimented drummer Dylan Longstreet and bassist Zachary Walter. In 2012, Mainland began recording their debut album in a 100 year old music hall in uptown Manhattan. They finished recording the album with producer/fellow Californian Luke David, in their cavernous of a studio in the fall. The result is a lovelorn, dynamic garage rock record drawing influences from Jordan Topf and Corey Mullee’s homestate of California and the music and subcultures cultivated in NYC.

Mainland's new EP "Shiner" is a confident first studio record. Recorded onto tape the band expands their sound, tying together concrete drums, punchy garage-rock guitar riffs, rhythmic synthesizers, and driving bass lines into catchy rock and roll songs. The sound of the record reflects it's various birthplaces: New York City, Austin, and the birthplace of the majority of the members, California