Savannah, GA

Nancy Druid

Nancy Druid is a new musical project from Anna Chandler (COEDS, Lovely Locks, General Oglethorpe & The Panhandlers). With Ethan Stewart (Isaac Smith Band) on bass, Ian McCarthy (Rich Animals) on synths, and Jeremy Hammons (The Train Wrecks) on drums, Nancy Druid plays solo works Anna has written over the past 6-7 years, transforming them into shadowy, dancey indie-rock anthems. Inspired by the rawness of early Cat Power, the moody dance rhythms of bands like New Order and Metric, and the presence and tone of alternative and post-punk bands like Archers of Loaf, Hole, Superdrag, and Jets To Brazil, the lyrical emotional vulnerability is countered by driving guitars and heavy rock rhythms.


Music coming soon !