Our 2017 Mid-Year Playlist

Happy Memorial Weekend From Savannah Stopover!

We’re always building playlists here at Savannah Stopover. It’s how we listen and grow to love new bands. This one started before Stopover 2017 was even over and it’s been growing every day and is now 60 bands/songs strong.

As we were putting the finishing touches on it the other day, it was blasting full tilt at Kayne’s house when she noticed a squirrel out the window sitting in a tree who she swears was bopping his head and dancing to the music. It inspired our playlist title!

We thought we’d share the whole playlist as a great way to kick off summer this Memorial Day weekend. It includes our favorite spring releases ~~some bands you’ll already know, some new ones we think you’ll like and a few Stopover alums we can never stop listening to.

Have a great weekend and here’s to summer 2017!

-The Stopover Team