OxenFree is based in Brooklyn, NY. 

Poppy, chunky-guitar indie rock, the band has drawn nods to the sensibilities of the New Pornographers, the vibes of Broken Social Scene, and the energy of Springsteen (by all too kind bloggers and friends). 

The band released the first EP "Fire, If We're Anything" in 2014, opining on dreams and antics in Virginia, nights at 285 Kent and antics in New York, and giving up antics altogether. Subtle textures and contained melodies fight layered guitars and on one track, biting horns. The single "Make Out", was featured in the Jerome Dreyfuss Spring 2015 ad campaign, which debuted on Vogue.fr (watch here), and appeared in Wade Carrol's short surf film 'Fin Less' on Quicksilver.com (watch here). 

After spending time on the road from New Orleans to Montreal in the summer of 2015, OxenFree put the final touches on its first full length album -- to be released in early 2016. 

The band is Jeff (vocals/guitars/keys), Emily (vocals/keys), Sam (guitars), Sean (basses), and Christopher (drums).