Houston, TX

Payne Bridges

"Music is something I fell in love with in the last five years. I found myself being overwhelmed and inspired by different people and situations, and feeling the need to tell those stories through song. Since then, it's been all about moving forward, taking the next step, and enjoying what music has to offer. I am so fortunate to find myself in an incredible music community. I am blown away by the talent surrounding me." Taking advantage of the talent around her, Payne recruited friends to record and release her first EP project, GA Flame, LA Burn, in February, 2015. The project was widely supported throughout Savannah and is still available on iTunes and Spotify. Following the release of GA Flame, Payne continues to perform in Savannah and the surrounding areas. This Albany, GA native has no plans of stopping any time soon. She is planning to put out a new project Fall of 2018. "I'm taking things as they come and always seeking opportunities to move forward in music. My success is not based on the size of the audience or span of my reach. I am grateful to have this outlet and hope to use my songs to share simple truths and encouragements."