Prince Rama Cancels Tour

Savannah Stopover alum, Prince Rama, has had to cancel their March tour including SXSW. Cancelling 10 shows, three of those being in Austin for SXSW. They’ve been with Stopover since year one and they will be greatly missed in 2013.They recently posted on various social media outlets:

Due to personal reasons we are canceling our SXSW tour. We are really sorry and sending lots of love.

But fear not, we are maintaining our awesome all-girl band-lineup at Hangfire,Thursday, March 7th with the addition of Savannah’s own Lovely Locks! So don your best girl band garb, because the revised lineup is gonna be a ball:

Thursday 3/1/13
10:00pm Lovely Locks
11:00pm Talk Normal
12:00am The Coathangers