Brooklyn, NY


Alyse Vellturo, also known as pronoun, is a one-woman band breaking through to the other side of music with her debut EP There's no one new around you, out on Nov. 18. The lead single from her EP, "just cuz you can't," is an emotionally captivating track that channels the evolving timeline of a relationship -- and  premiered exclusively on Billboard.

"'just cuz you can't' specifically walks through the many trains of thought I had when a relationship I thought would never end, over the course of a weekend, did," pronoun tells Billboard. "The song starts with longing to help that person, and evolves into the anger and frustration I felt when I realized that person may not want it."

The Boston native and self-confessed emo kid further explains how this one-person band is something that she'd like to keep exploring for a while. "This music is so personal to me, and it's kind of hard to do that with other people." With very personal songwriting and personal production within the comfort of her apartment, pronoun is ruling out the use of a band one lyric at a time.