New York, NY


Speaking on the track and video, filmed in the band’s base of New York, they explain:

We’ve been told playing in a rock & roll band in 2016 is a ridiculous thing to do. For all of us though, it isn’t a question of wanting to do it or not. We have to do it. I left home and quit school at 16 to play music. Music is all we know and love and this song is an ode to us following that path.

The label wanted David LaChapelle to do this one, especially ’cause it’s the pop sugar injection song and, they hope, a little pot of radio-friendly unit-shifting gold. But, we said ‘nah give us your money and we’ll do it ourselves’. So we took their money and bought a 1986 Dodge 600 and a mini DV cam and did what we normally do – but for your voyeuristic pleasure.