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New York City quartet Rathborne takes its name from band co-leader Luke Rathborne, a 25-year-old native of Northern Maine who self-recorded his first album and migrated down to the Big Apple by the time he was 18. On October 15, the guitar-pop crew — co-headed by bassist Darren Will and rounded out by drummer Jamie Alegre and Jimmy Gianopoulos, who switches between synths and guitar — released their debut LP, SOFT, via Dilettante/True Believer.

Anyone looking for an all-encompassing statement-of-purpose for SOFT, the hyper-caffeinated new record from Rathborne will find it in the first line of the second song when Luke Rathborne – hiccups, "Heard you gotta get it in motion." From that moment on, SOFT never stops moving bounding from one jagged-edged neo-New Wave song to the next, marrying the fast-and-loose ethos of The Ramones with the coiled neurosis of early Devo and the melodic ease of classic R.E.M. and some of the raw power of Ty Seagall. "The feeling of the record is incredible energy," says Rathborne. "Youthfulness, lust -- the feeling of breaking out of yourself, unchaining yourself, forcing yourself to be free."