Philadelphia, PA


Formerly the frontman of Philadelphia based rock and roll band, Toy Soldiers, Gallo has gone through the return of saturn and the wringer of life over the last couple of years and has come out the other side a person that dances where the infuriated rock and roll fighter-of-the-good-fight and the discontent clear-headed jokester hang out. Like some big-haired spiritual punk raised in the 90s, Gallo is well-informed of the 20th century roots of american music and obsessed with the NOW in a time where people are drugged by distraction and mediocrity. On Gallo's second solo record, HEAVY META(out September 2016), he tackles the heavier topics and dark experiences he lived through during these transformative years.

From his decision to remove all substances from his system, self-empowerment, domestication, dead love, not knowing someone or yourself, having a stalker, the struggle of being an "artist" in 2016, to the disastrous cycle created by terrible parenting, love and mental illness and post-apocalyptic tales of a world where "all the freaks have gone to bed.” Sonically, this record reflects its subject matter drenched in aggression, fuzz, and walls of Gallo's unconventionally primal approach to the guitar. It is a lyrically driven album laid upon a bed of electricity attempting to wake you up with each listen.