Albion, MI


The story of this soulful duo begins with Michael Trotter Jr., a former United States soldier who began his musical career while deployed in Iraq. After some encouragement from fellow soldiers, Trotter taught himself to play keyboard on a confiscated piano. His first song was written after the unfortunate death of his captain, and was played at his memorial service. From then on, Trotter made it his mission to sing for those who had fallen during the war. Three years of continued effort, landed him first place on "Military Idle", the Army's version of "American Idol". Some time after this, Trotter met Tanya Blount. Blount, a very talented and experienced performer, fell in love with Trotter. Their mutual care for each other and music became clear, as both decided to marry and begin a new musical collaboration. 

Chilling, soulful, heart grabbing, and powerful are just some of the words used by audiences to describe the experience of The War and Treaty. This duo invites their listeners on a most incredible journey. A fusion of sounds such as piano, mandolin, bass, resonators and dobros presented in various genres such as Folk, Americana, Blues, Roots and Soul are but a mere taste to what this musical explosion has to offer. Reaching back through their deep rooted history they conjure up the strength of their ancestors with gospel like growls and shouts in their vocals and hand clapping/foot stomping so much so you'd swear we were standing on broken floor boards.

"The music of the War & Treaty is created to boost the human spirit..."                           - Detroit Free Press

"...this music, on which Trotter shares vocal duties with his wife Tanya Blount, is soulful, bluesy, and rootsy." - Pasatiempo