Weekender is an American psychedelic/dream-pop band established in Philadelphia by Derek Sheehan in 2013, self-releasing their debut EP, Spanish Peaks, early that year before it was picked up by the Brooklyn-based, independent label, PaperCup Music.   The EP was well received by the indie blogosphere - featured by Interview, Diffuser, and made Reddit's “2013 Best Of” list.  But, as often happens in the course of any young band’s early career, life can get in the way.  The battle between a good-paying job and the time, and opportunity to be creative, can be a real juggling act.  And so Weekender’s line up shifted over the past two years, yet during that time, the band, whoever was backing Sheehan, Weekender became the go-to Philadelphia band to support touring acts coming through town, such as Future Islands, The Growlers, Nothing, Surfer Blood, Israel Nash, Peace, and Field Report, while building their own strong, local following.

With a new line-up solidly intact, including Jesse Petas (drums, percussion), Steven Rosplock (Guitar, Vocals), Brendan McGeehan (Bass), and Dan Mudd (Synthesizer), Sheehan recorded a second EP, Floaty, Feeling Blue, set to arrive January 15 on PaperCup Music.  The album was recorded at Fancy Time Studios, once again with Kyle “Slick” Johnson, with he and Sheehan sharing production credits on the record. “Kyle and I work super well together, and I think the biggest part of our success in the studio, is our willingness to different ideas with the songs,” stated Sheehan.  “Kyle has a knack for fleshing out the strengths of a song, and it helps to have another pair of experienced ears, unafraid to make suggestions.