Wolkoff lanced out under the moniker of her family name last year while composing a series of new tracks with a mind to building exhilarating, danceworthy music about real life. Drawing influence from symphonic and 90's Europop as well as new wave motifs, Wolkoff's 2016 LP "Without Shame," mixed by Grammy award winning engineer Ariel Borujow and produced by Icarus Moth, examines the stock shame holds in our lives and explores the possibility of sidestepping its snare. Wolkoff's songwriting examines the dirty business of breaking rank and stepping into the unknown. On the heels of last year's N64 soundbite/medieval instrumentation infused EP, Talismans, her latest album, playfully continues to generate narrative-rich, beats-fraught listening experiences. Born and raised in Toronto, Wolkoff hangs her hat in outermost Brooklyn and is currently collaborating with celebrated mashup artists The Hood Internet on a forthcoming single.