New York, NY


After high school, Zuli spent stints playing music with Wild International, Lazyeyes, and Allies, then returned to Long Island in 2014 to write and record his own material. Soon he’d produced his debut EP, Supernatural Voodoo, a collection of colorful psych-pop and rock. He was also demoing tracks for his upcoming LP when he booked a seven-week tour himself and assembled a band to hit the road. “When I returned from the tour I felt like I’d aged 20 years – it was super grueling, but an amazing learning experience,” he says. 

Now 25 working on his debut full-length album, On Human Freakout Mountain, Zuli and his tight group of friends—a crew called CONTEMPLATE, a collective of artists, designers, videographers, photographers, and musicians. “It’s our own in-house creative design team, says Zuli, who enlisted the help of his collective to work on the album. It is a snapshot of the  Mid-Life Crisis, Quarter-Life Crisis, Post-College Crisis crossroads we all come to, at one point or another.