Babe Club

Charleston, SC

In the Summer of 2015, Corey Campbell taught Jenna Desmond to play the bass. Both in college, Corey was studying music, and Jenna psychology. Jenna grew up playing classical piano and would sneak into the music department to use their practice rooms. That is when the two met. Two weeks after Jenna picked up the bass she was performing alongside Corey in the touring act SUSTO. The two had recently started dating and collaborating, and they decided that their chemistry was good enough to live together, on and off the road. After 3 years of crafting and shaping their sound while playing supporting roles in SUSTO, Jenna and Corey are stepping into themselves as Babe Club.

“This is me getting to share my thoughts and story for the first time” says Desmond, “I’m on the road all the time with a bunch of guys. So, sometimes I feel far away, and I need to talk to a woman about s—t that’s really annoying.”

“Jenna Desmond and Corey Campbell thrive on a chunky, indie rock feel that somehow manages to fuse the at-first-thought incompatible currents of Blondie’s New Waviness with Hole. It all ends up outputing into the kind of clever songwriting of someone like Aimee Mann, a singer that Desmond reminds me quite a bit of.”