Savannah, GA

Isaac spends a lot of time planning. Absent-mindedness feels to him like operating from Another Place, and he always has to come back to do the physical work. It results in a lot of rewriting and re-recording. He believes in changing his mind, even if he has to continue to remind himself - and often insist. Starting over occurs often. He's been writing songs for as far back as he can remember (even as a child, writing lyrics and melodies over the pre-recorded songs found on plastic piano keyboards).

After exhausting himself on folk songs by the age of 21, he eventually turned to rock and roll to have more fun, and that taught him that he really just wants to write pop songs - but that he'd have to figure out how to get there to his own satisfaction. Since 2015, he has been working on a debut record that has undergone at least one entire transformation, and most of the 7 songs have changed in style and composition at least twice.

With production (finally!) coming to a close, the album, title unannounced, is an indulgent and deliberate attempt to get Rock and Roll out of his system; a conceptual narrative that, at first, comes off as a love record. And then a heartbreak record. And then a record about just feeling stupid and then getting the heck over it and trying to be smarter, you know? There will be many different styles and musical adventures in Isaac's future, but within all of it will be a continuing exploration of Another Place, as he tries to figure out where that place actually is and why it keeps spewing out such cool and absurd and hilarious and frightening things.