Frequently Asked Questions

+ When is the Savannah Stopover Music Festival?

For 2019, the dates are Thursday, March 7th, Friday, March 8th and Saturday, March 9th.

+ What's the Festival all about?

We started the festival in 2011 as a way for bands traveling down I-95 en route to SXSW to stop and play a show in a cool, small Southern city known for it’s hospitality. From there, it kind of spread like wild fire. Our mission revolves around musical discovery, we want you to find your new favorite band. Be the first to hear what's next!

+ Are there any special events/concerts planned during Stopover 2019?

Yes, there are! We always have some special surprises planned for Savannah Stopover Music Festival. We are doing a big Opening Night Event for our 9th Anniversary at Ships of the Sea on March 7th, an all-ages GenNext Showcase on March 9th, and a ton of other events. Visit our special events page for more info!

+ Where in Savannah does the festival take place?

Savannah Stopover takes place in multiple venues across the Historic District in Downtown Savannah. All are in walking distance to each other. Our venues are small, cool and uniquely Savannah.

+ I’ve never heard of a lot of these bands. Who are they, and what kind of music is it?

We’ve scoured the globe for the hottest up and comers with a few of your favorites sprinkled in. It’s all about discovery. We have bands coming in from all over the nation (and globe!). It’s great fun! Listen to our playlist here to start getting into the bands.

We cut a wide swatch when it comes to musical styles. Indie Rock, Pop, Dance, Soul, Folk, Hip Hop, Electronica, Bluegrass, Singer Songwriter, Country Rock, etc. We guarantee you’ll see at least one glockenspiel and someone playing a saw. Oh yeah, and you’ll dance a lot.

+ How many bands get to play the festival?

It varies from year to year, but generally about 85 to 100 during the three day Festival. 2019 will have a little over 80 performances scheduled over the 3 days.

+ Whats the best way to get around?

All are venues are in close proximity of each other. We encourage people to use their walking shoes or to bike but we know sometimes it's hard to get to your next show in time so we recommend Savannah Pedicab. Flag one down, they're all over town or call 912-232-7900.

+ When will you announce the full lineup and schedule?

We just did! Check out the lineup and view the schedule.

+ What’s the deal with Tickets and Passes?

You’ve got options! 3-Day Festival Passes: $89 - Gets you into all shows at all venues for all three days. Weekend Pass:
2-Day Weekend Passes: $69 - Gets you into all shows at all venues on Friday and Saturday. Single-Day Pass: $39- Gets you access to all venues for one day on either 3/7, 3/8 or 3/9. VIP Passes: $159- Gets you access to everything, and much more!

If you’ve purchased your passes online or purchased a ticket at a Savannah Stopover event prior to the Festival, you will still need to redeem that ticket for a wristband and/or Festival badge. This can be done at the Savannah Stopover Festival HQ (216 W. Broughton Street). Please keep this website and Savannah Stopover checked on Facebook for all the most current details! Please note, entrance to all shows is ‘space permitting’. Arrive early and be ready with Plan B. Hopping from venue to venue is what Stopover is all about (and remember you can take your drink with you!)

+ Can I buy tickets at the door? Can I get tickets to single events in advance?

We WILL NOT offer tickets at the door to venues! Please come to Savannah Stopover Festival HQ at 216 W. Broughton Street to get your tickets or if you already have a ticket come to exchange it for your wristband. You must have a 3-day, 2-day or 1-day pass to attend any show.

+ What if a venue is at capacity?

Most of our venues are small to mid-size to give you the best performance! But they can fill up quickly, especially for our most popular bands. Our advice, arrive early to shows you really want to see and be ready with your picks for Plan B. Some of our best festival moments are catching a band we’d never heard of because we couldn’t get in to see the band we originally wanted.

+ Can I bring my children? Are there any All Ages venues?

Children under 10 years of age are free! As for under-21 venues, any shows at Ships of the Sea Museum and The Grey are open to All Ages. Congress Street Social Club is all ages outside during Stopover Shows (until 9 pm). Most venues are 21+ and require government-issued id for entry.

+ Are the venues ADA accessible?

Savannah Stopover uses a number of venues throughout Savannah that have varying degrees of accessibility. For any accessibility-related questions, please contact the venue directly as they will be able to provide specific information.

+ Stopover is in March. What’s the weather like?

Average high is 71, but due to global weirding, it may be warmer (or cooler.) Spring in Savannah is just kicking off in early March. Typically you can expect days with nice afternoons, cool evenings. A great time all around, but make sure to bring some layers.

+ Can I bring my dog?

Savannah is a dog friendly city, but our venues not so much. We request that no pets are brought to the festival.

Service animals that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for those persons with disabilities are welcome. If you are bringing a service animal, make sure to check in at the ticketing office for registration.

• Any animal whose task is to provide protection, emotional support, well-being, comfort, or companionship, is not considered a service animal and will not be allowed into the venue.

• All service animals must remain by the handler’s side at all times and must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered, unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the individual’s disability prevents using these devices. In that case, the individual must maintain control of the animal through voice, signal, or other effective controls.

• Service animals must be housebroken and well-trained. Anyone bringing an animal will be responsible for and liable for any damage or injury caused by the animal.

+ You can drink in the streets in Savannah?

Yes, as long as you stay in the Historic District North of Gaston Street. Almost all of our venues are located within this district. All drinks must be in a 16 oz opaque plastic cup. The door guy at all bars downtown will give you a cup as you walk out the door to experience your next band! And BTW, you better be sure to have your of age government-issued photo id with you in order to get into our 21+ venues.

+ I just want to come to Savannah for the weekend and wing it. Will I be able to get into shows?

Pre-purchasing a 3-day, 2-day or Single-Day Pass is your best bet. Tickets WILL NOT be available at venue doors, only pass holders can enter our venues. Most of our venues have a capacity of 300 or less and entrance is always ‘space permitting’.

+ Where should I stay?

Check out our accommodations page for options!

+ I’d like to become a sponsor.

Send us an email at We'd love to hear what you're all about and how we can partner up for Stopover 2019!