Lunar Vacation

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta-based Lunar Vacation formed in the summer of 2016 as a way to escape the monotony of suburban Catholic-school life. The five members- guitarist/vocalist Grace Repasky, guitarist Maggie Geeslin, bassist John Michael Young, keys man Matteo De Lurgio, and drummer Connor Dowd- began writing and performing in their junior and senior years of high school. Unsure of how to label their fusion of dreamy melodies, surfy progressions, and psych-rock jams, the five-piece has described their music as “pool rock” Their first single, “Anna”, released in early 2017, quickly gained attention, and the band self-released their first EP, entitled “Swell”, later that year. 

They released their second project, “Artificial Flavors”, in 2018, further crafting their sound. After all members finally graduated high school, the five teens headed out on their first tour as a last hurrah before starting college. Lunar Vacation will play their first U.S. tour in the spring of 2019.

This year marked a period of transition for Lunar Vacation. The nostalgia of ’60s surf rock lives on in the young quintet’s music as the group travels on a post-high school graduation excursion discovering life’s hard truths. With this comes growth, realization, and the production of a new record that encapsulates it all. Since 2016, Grace Repasky (vocals/guitar), Maggie Geeslin (guitar), John Michael Young (bass/guitar), Matteo DeLurgio (keys), and Connor Dowd (drums) have entranced audiences with a repertoire of psychedelic moon tunes, creating a genre the group calls “pool rock.” Each song illustrates the hardships teens face in the course of growing up. Adulthood happens quickly, and the group tackles youth’s greatest lessons with a calm demeanor and lo-fi instrumental prowess. “It shows the subtle ways that each person wears a mask,” Geeslin says.
— Creative Loafing