Atlanta, GA

Shouldies are an electronic punk 3 piece from Atlanta, GA. Lifelong friends John Pierce and Yancey Ballard met new Atlanta transplant Daniel Eberlein in the summer of 2017. The three were writing songs and playing shows quickly after that. Drawing from Daniel's background in techno and noise music and John and Yancey's backgrounds in post-punk and folk, they are creating lyrically direct, textural and percussive pop songs.

ancey Ballard’s talk-singing is a strong instrument on its own, building intensity with John Pierce’s use of MicroKORG and Daniel Eberlein’s programmed drums and bass synth. With a sound surprisingly full for a three piece, Yancey’s sprechgesang, like a haunting early Modern Lovers’ Jonathan Richman, provides a post-punk edge to John and Daniel’s synthwave foundation.
— Wussy Mag
Shouldies wraps Ballard’s opaque dialogues, glittering beats that somehow entice limbs to groove.
— Immersive Atlanta